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I've found that purchasing a property in Elk Grove is a great choice given its median home price of $705,000 and dynamic market, where homes average 28 days on the market. With 321 active listings, popular neighborhoods like Los Lagos and Sheldon Park Estates offer a variety of options.

Top zip codes like 95624 and 95758 stand out for their amenities. Average home sizes range from 1,000 to 2,500 sq ft, featuring modern installations. The balanced market and stable prices make Elk Grove appealing for both first-time buyers and investors.

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Median Home Price

Understanding the median home price of $705,000 in Elk Grove as of July 2024 is essential for evaluating the local housing market. This figure represents the middle point of all home prices listed in the area, meaning that half of the homes are priced above and half below this value. For any potential homebuyer or investor, grasping this median helps in setting realistic budget expectations and making informed decisions.

When I look at the housing market in Elk Grove, CA, the median home price provides a valuable benchmark. It allows me to compare different housing options effectively. Knowing this median price, I'm able to gauge whether a particular property is priced fairly within the local market context. This insight also aids in identifying potential bargains or overpriced listings.

Moreover, understanding this median figure helps me anticipate the overall market trends in Elk Grove. If the median home price is rising, it might indicate a growing demand or a supply shortage, which could affect future property values. Conversely, a declining median price could suggest a cooling market. Thus, the median home price is an indispensable tool for maneuvering the Elk Grove housing market efficiently.

Average Time on Market

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When considering property purchase in Elk Grove, I notice that homes typically spend an average of just 28 days on the market. This quick turnover time highlights a dynamic and competitive real estate environment.

I'll analyze how this compares to national trends and what factors might be driving this market speed.

Days on Market Trends

In Elk Grove, houses typically spend an average of 28 days on the market, indicating a balanced and active real estate environment. This figure provides a clear picture of the days on market trends in the Elk Grove real estate market, offering potential buyers and sellers an important metric to take into account during a property purchase.

When homes consistently move within this 28-day timeframe, it reflects a strong demand and a healthy pace of transactions. This quick turnover rate is a reflection of the vibrant property market in Elk Grove.

For buyers, the relatively short time on market means that they need to act promptly and decisively when they find a property they're interested in. On the flip side, sellers can feel confident that their homes won't linger unsold for extended periods, ensuring a steady flow of new listings and sales.

Market Speed Comparison

Elk Grove's average time on market of 28 days places it ahead of many neighboring regions, highlighting its competitive and dynamic real estate market. This market speed is a clear indicator of the high demand for properties in Elk Grove.

When homes are sold in under a month, it suggests that buyers are enthusiastic and often ready to make quick decisions. The fast turnover signifies not only an attractive locale but also a market efficiency that can benefit both sellers and buyers.

As someone deeply involved in real estate, I can assert that the swift movement of properties in Elk Grove underscores a vibrant market. Buyers need to act decisively, given that properties don't linger long. This quick pace can also lead to a more competitive bidding environment, which might drive prices up.

For sellers, this means a shorter waiting period to close deals, reducing the holding costs and uncertainties associated with longer market times.

Influencing Factors Analysis

Understanding why properties in Elk Grove sell so quickly requires an examination of various influencing factors such as pricing, location, and overall market conditions. In Elk Grove, houses typically spend an average of 28 days on the market, reflecting a balanced real estate market.

One primary factor is pricing. Homes that are competitively priced attract more buyers, leading to quicker sales. Overpriced homes, on the other hand, tend to linger on the market longer. Location plays a critical role as well. Properties in desirable neighborhoods with good schools, amenities, and low crime rates are in higher demand, selling faster.

Additionally, overall market conditions impact the average time on the market. For instance, in a seller's market, where demand outweighs supply, homes sell faster. Conversely, in a buyer's market, properties tend to stay listed longer as buyers have more options.

Here's a quick breakdown:

FactorEffect on Time on Market
Competitive PricingQuicker Sales
Desirable NeighborhoodsIncreased Demand
Market ConditionsVariable Impact

Monitoring these factors helps buyers and sellers gauge the current demand and competitiveness of the Elk Grove real estate market. By understanding these dynamics, one can make more informed decisions regarding property purchases and sales.

Number of Active Homes

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Currently, there are 321 active homes for sale in Elk Grove, CA, offering diverse options for potential buyers. This number represents the available housing inventory within the Elk Grove real estate market, showcasing a broad spectrum of choices to suit various needs and budgets.

Whether you're looking for a cozy starter home or a spacious family residence, the current housing inventory has something for everyone.

Each of these active homes differs in size, price, and location, which means potential buyers have a wide selection to explore. This variety is essential for meeting individual preferences and financial capabilities.

From modern townhouses to expansive single-family homes, the options are plentiful and cater to a range of tastes and requirements.

The availability of 321 homes for sale in Elk Grove also indicates a healthy and dynamic market. It offers opportunities for both first-time buyers and seasoned investors to find properties that align with their goals.

As I navigate through this housing inventory, I see the potential each home holds, providing a unique chance to settle in a community that blends suburban charm with urban conveniences.

Popular Neighborhoods

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Among the popular districts in Elk Grove, CA, Los Lagos, Sheldon Park Estates, Midtown, Laguna Lake, and American River Canyon stand out for their diverse housing options and community amenities. These districts offer a unique blend of characteristics, catering to various preferences and lifestyles.

Los Lagos is recognized for its upscale homes and peaceful environment, making it ideal for those in search of luxury and tranquility. Sheldon Park Estates offers expansive properties and a rural atmosphere, perfect for residents who value privacy and open space.

Midtown, on the other hand, provides a lively, urban ambiance with convenient access to shops, restaurants, and cultural activities. Laguna Lake is a top choice for those who enjoy waterfront living and outdoor recreation, with its picturesque lake and surrounding parks.

American River Canyon boasts breathtaking landscapes and a tight-knit community, attracting families and professionals alike. Each district in Elk Grove provides residents with proximity to parks, top-rated schools, shopping centers, and recreational facilities.

Homebuyers can explore these districts to find the perfect location that meets their needs and lifestyle preferences. Elk Grove's diverse districts guarantee that there's a perfect home for everyone.

Top Zip Codes

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When considering top zip codes in Elk Grove, 95624 and 95758 stand out for their diverse housing options and convenient amenities.

I'll provide key insights into these areas, highlighting their unique features and appeal.

These zip codes offer potential buyers a range of neighborhoods and lifestyle choices to fit various needs.

Popular Elk Grove Areas

Investigating Elk Grove's top zip codes, 95624 and 95758, uncovers diverse housing options and community benefits that make them popular choices for property buyers. As I delved into the real estate offerings in these areas, I found a blend of suburban tranquility and urban convenience that caters to various lifestyle needs.

In 95624, the properties range from modern single-family homes to more expansive estates. The community-focused atmosphere and proximity to excellent schools make it particularly appealing for families. Additionally, 95624's easy access to major highways ensures that commuting to neighboring cities like Sacramento and Roseville is hassle-free.

On the other hand, 95758 offers a slightly different yet equally appealing living experience. The real estate market here features a mix of contemporary apartments and spacious houses, often set against the backdrop of scenic parks and recreational facilities. This area is known for its vibrant community activities and well-maintained amenities, making it a magnet for young professionals and retirees alike.

Both zip codes, 95624 and 95758, provide a compelling array of housing options and community benefits, solidifying Elk Grove's reputation as a prime location for property investment.

Key Zip Code Insights

Understanding the key zip codes in Elk Grove, 95624 and 95758, reveals their distinct advantages and amenities, making them top choices for potential property buyers. These zip codes feature diverse neighborhoods and are well-equipped with convenient amenities, enhancing the appeal of Elk Grove's real estate market.

Choosing between these top zip codes boils down to a few critical factors:

  1. Median Home Prices: With median home prices hovering around $700,000, both 95624 and 95758 offer competitive pricing for quality housing.
  2. Proximity to Major Cities: Residents in these areas benefit from easy access to neighboring cities like Sacramento and Roseville, making commutes and city trips convenient.
  3. Educational Facilities: Both zip codes boast well-spread schools, ensuring that families have access to quality education without needing to travel far.
  4. Recreational Amenities: Parks and shopping centers are plentiful in these zip codes, providing plenty of options for leisure and daily needs.

Analyzing these aspects, it's clear that 95624 and 95758 in Elk Grove present strong opportunities for real estate investments. The blend of competitive pricing, accessibility, quality schools, and ample amenities makes them prime locations for anyone looking to purchase property in Elk Grove.

Home Features

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Elk Grove homes boast impressive features like granite countertops, vaulted ceilings, and solar installations, making them a prime choice for discerning buyers. These real estate offerings range in size from 1,000 to 2,500 sq ft, catering to a variety of needs and preferences. The inclusion of tile roofs, spacious kitchens, and low maintenance yards further enhances their appeal.

Here's a quick breakdown of key home features:

FeatureBenefitCommon in Elk Grove?
Granite CountertopsDurable and stylishYes
Vaulted CeilingsCreates a sense of spaceYes
Solar InstallationsEnergy-efficientYes
Tile RoofsLong-lasting and attractiveYes
Spacious KitchensIdeal for cooking/entertainmentYes
Low Maintenance YardsEasy upkeepYes

Each home in Elk Grove is designed with privacy in mind, ensuring a serene living environment. Whether you're a first-time buyer or looking to upgrade, the home features available in this market are sure to meet your expectations. With property prices reflecting the value of these high-end features, Elk Grove continues to be a sought-after location for real estate investments.

Property Prices

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When examining property prices in Elk Grove, I notice the median listing price in July 2024 was $705,000, with an average sold price slightly higher at $708,965.

Properties in the area also had a median value of $325 per square foot.

These figures suggest a competitive market, which warrants a closer look at the price ranges and current trends.

Median Listing Price

The median listing price for homes in Elk Grove, CA currently stands at $669,000, reflecting a dynamic property market. This figure provides a snapshot of the evolving landscape of property prices in this vibrant community. The median listing price is an important indicator for potential buyers, offering a benchmark for their financial planning and monthly expenses.

When considering a property purchase in Elk Grove, here are some key points to keep in mind:

  1. Price Fluctuations: Last July, the median price was $705,000, indicating a decrease. This trend suggests a potential opportunity for buyers.
  2. Down Payment: To secure a home in this price range, a 25% down payment would be around $167,250.
  3. Monthly Expenses: With this down payment, the estimated monthly expenses, including mortgage, taxes, and insurance, would be approximately $3,802.
  4. Income Requirements: Affording a home at this median price typically requires an annual income of about $130,000.

Understanding these factors helps prospective buyers navigate the property market in Elk Grove more effectively. By analyzing the median listing price and associated costs, one can make more informed decisions and better manage expectations.

Price Range Overview

Analyzing the price range of properties in Elk Grove reveals diverse options catering to various budgets and preferences. In July 2024, the median price of homes in Elk Grove stood at $705,000. This figure serves as a useful benchmark for prospective buyers to gauge the market's general pricing trends. The median value per square foot, an essential metric for evaluating real estate, was $325.

The average sold price of homes in the area was slightly higher, at $708,965, reflecting minor fluctuations around the median price. This consistency suggests a relatively stable market, which is reassuring for both buyers and sellers.

With 321 homes available for sale, there's ample inventory to explore, ensuring that buyers can find properties that align with their specific needs and financial capabilities.

When considering the price range, it's clear that Elk Grove offers a balanced mix of affordability and quality. Whether you're looking for a modest starter home or a more luxurious option, the real estate market here provides substantial variety. Understanding these price dynamics helps me—and hopefully you—make informed decisions when traversing Elk Grove's real estate landscape.

Current Market Trends

Recent shifts in Elk Grove's property prices highlight a stable yet dynamic real estate market. Analyzing the current market trends, it's clear that Elk Grove continues to attract buyers while maintaining competitive pricing. As of July 2024, the median home price stands at $705,000, reflecting a balanced market with steady demand.

To provide a clearer picture, here are some key figures:

  1. Median Home Price: $705,000
  2. Median Value per Square Foot: $325
  3. Homes for Sale: 321
  4. Average Sold Price: $708,965

These numbers indicate that potential buyers are willing to pay slightly above the median price, suggesting confidence in the value of Elk Grove properties. The median value per square foot at $325 provides a benchmark for evaluating property investments, essential for informed purchasing decisions.

With 321 homes currently on the market, inventory is sufficient, yet competitive, offering a variety of options for prospective buyers. The average sold price of $708,965 further underscores a healthy market where properties are selling close to their listing prices.

Community Amenities

vibrant community with amenities

Elk Grove consistently delivers a rich array of community amenities, including parks, schools, and shopping centers all within a short distance from residential neighborhoods. Living here, I find that the community's thoughtfully planned amenities enhance daily life significantly. The abundance of parks provides ample recreational opportunities, from serene walking paths to vibrant playgrounds.

The local school district is highly regarded, which makes Elk Grove particularly appealing for families. Knowing that quality education is just around the corner adds a layer of comfort and convenience. Here's an overview of the key amenities:

ParksNumerous parks with trails, playgrounds
SchoolsTop-rated school district
Shopping CentersDiverse retail and dining options
Recreational FacilitiesAccess to sports complexes and fitness centers

Shopping centers are conveniently located, offering a variety of retail and dining experiences that cater to diverse tastes. Additionally, the public transportation services make commuting hassle-free, whether you're heading to Sacramento, Roseville, or Folsom.

Investment Opportunities

promising investment opportunities available

Investing in Elk Grove's real estate market offers promising opportunities for high returns and long-term growth. As an investor, I've found that Elk Grove provides a diverse range of investment opportunities. The city is ripe for income properties, such as duplexes, which can generate steady rental income. High cap rates are achievable, making the prospect even more enticing.

One of the most appealing aspects of investing here is the availability of new construction homes. These properties come equipped with modern amenities and cutting-edge design, which can greatly enhance their market value. Luxurious primary suites, complete with private baths and soaking tubs, are common features that attract potential renters or buyers.

Here are four investment opportunities in Elk Grove worth considering:

  1. Income Properties: Duplexes and multi-family units offer reliable rental income.
  2. New Construction Homes: Modern designs and amenities make these properties highly desirable.
  3. Luxury Upgrades: Features like private baths and soaking tubs add substantial value.
  4. High Cap Rates: Potential for high returns makes Elk Grove a lucrative market for investors.

Market Trends

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Analyzing the market trends in Elk Grove reveals a dynamic landscape with a median home price of $705,000 as of July 2024. This figure is closely aligned with the average sold price of $708,965, indicating a relatively stable market. For anyone considering a property purchase, Elk Grove's real estate market offers substantial insights.

One notable trend is the median value per square foot, which stood at $325, slightly above the average value per square foot of $323. This suggests a consistency in property valuations, making it easier to gauge the worth of potential investments.

In July 2024, there were 321 homes for sale in Elk Grove, offering a variety of options for prospective buyers. This inventory level provides a balanced market, neither skewed heavily towards buyers nor sellers.

For those eyeing a property purchase, understanding these market trends is critical. The stability in pricing and per-square-foot values offers a reassuring picture for real estate investments. By keeping a close eye on these trends, one can make informed decisions and capitalize on the opportunities Elk Grove's real estate market presents.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Elk Grove Expensive to Live In?

Yes, Elk Grove's cost of living is high. The housing market is 2% above the national average. However, the amenities available and job opportunities balance the expenses, making it a desirable place to live.

What Is the Median Income in Elk Grove Ca?

To get the ball rolling, the median income in Elk Grove, CA is about $86,612 annually. This figure reflects average salaries and job opportunities, influencing the cost of living and financial stability in the area.

Is Elk Grove a Good Neighborhood?

Yes, Elk Grove's low crime rates and excellent school districts make it a desirable neighborhood. The community events and diverse housing market trends add to its appeal, creating a strong, family-friendly environment. I highly recommend it.

What Is the Ethnicity of Elk Grove?

Elk Grove's population diversity paints a vibrant tapestry. The cultural demographics include a significant White majority, a substantial Asian community, and notable Hispanic and African American representation, showcasing a rich ethnic makeup and diverse community representation.


After diving into the property market in Elk Grove, one striking statistic stood out to me: the median home price has surged by 15% over the past year. This rapid appreciation highlights both the area's desirability and its robust investment potential.

With homes spending an average of just 30 days on the market, it's clear that demand is high. Whether you're looking for a new home or an investment opportunity, Elk Grove's dynamic market offers compelling prospects.

As a local market expert and realtor in the Elk Grove, California region, I can help you navigate this exciting market. For more information, call or text me, Justin Alexander Jones, at 916-280-0647.

Alternatively, you can click on the homepage icon at the top of the website and fill out the 'buy a home' or 'sell a home' form on my homepage. Let's turn these opportunities into your reality today!